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My name is Caroline. I’m a big fan of yoga. I like what it does to my body. I like how it makes me feel. I like the quietening effect it has on my mind. I trained under Troy Abraham in Melbourne, Australia. I then travelled to Mysore, India to learn from Pranavashya practitioner, Vinay Kumar. My style of teaching combines breath with movement. If you are curious and have never tried yoga before, if you are a pro in need of a push, or if you would like to simply sit with me and breathe, please get in touch. I would love to teach you.

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Locked In Da YogaHaus

Hi Yummy Yogis, during the first lockdown, from the tiny space of my living room, I decided to set up free online yoga classes and help build a community. I felt it was important to keep our fitness all in check and maintain balance. These started out as 1 or 2 sessions per week and now I run them every day apart from Sundays - well that is a day of rest of course. So as mentioned, these classes are FREE, however somewhere along the line, some of my sweet participants wanted to donate some cash monies. We chatted and decided we would raise funds for something we all care about. The donations now go towards supporting a Syrian Refugee Family who have been divided from each other; half the family are here in the UK with the other half stuck in Lebanon. The members in Lebanon have very little in the way of money to pay for those everyday things that we all take for granted, like rent, clothes, food, and toiletries. I am proud to say that by the end of 2020 we sent over £1,000 their way which has helped them enormously and we will continue this into 2021.

Flip Your Dog For Mental Health — Say What?

Another opportunity arose during lockdown, I was asked to provide an online yoga class for Flip Your Dog for Mental Health a charitable organisation founded by a lovely friend of mine Vaughan Dagnell. Vaughan had decided to set up a foundation where yoga classes are offered and a large percentage of the money raised goes to Mental Health related charities or to directly support Mental Health initiatives in marginalised communities. This aligned so well with my values and beliefs that I wanted to be more involved, not only as a yoga teacher but in any other way I could. So I was delighted to say yes when Vaughan asked me to be a member of the FYD4MH Committee. My Thursday Yummy Yin class is dedicated to FYD4MH and is bookable via the website. All the money from that class goes directly to FYD4MH to help fund these initiatives. I am very proud to be a part of this movement please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on all our yoga and wellbeing offerings

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What Is Yummy Yin — It Sounds Tasty?

Yummy Yin is Yoga in slow motion. It is a restorative practice designed to be relaxing and at the same time we work on opening areas in the body that can tend to feel a little stiff; generally targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. It can be quite challenging as we hold postures for at least 5 minutes. In my classes I also share some pranayama (breathwork) techniques which I encourage you to take away and use in the comfort of your own home. These are designed for stress relief, to help with anxiety or, if you suffer with restless nights—they are useful tools for you too. My sessions normally end with a guided meditation to lull you into Zen Town and help put you into a lovely sleepy state to enjoy a relaxing evening.

My Online Schedule 

If you would like to participate in my live online Yoga sessions & donate to worthwhile causes, then I'm your girl – here’s the schedule.

Monday 5pm: Slow Flow (email me for link)
Tuesday 7.30am: Wake-up Flow (email me for link)
Wednesday 5pm: Power (email me for link)
Thursday 5pm: Yummy Yin (book here 👉 FYDFMH)
Friday 7.30am: Power Flow (email me for link)
Saturday 9.30am: Power Flow (email me for link)

Vinyasa Flow : What Is It?

Vinyasa Flow is a yoga style that concentrates on synchronising breath with movement. It is an extension of Ashtanga — however it does not follow a rigid series in the same way as Ashtanga, meaning each session is different. We use postures from the Ashtanga primary and secondary series and flow them together with vinyasas (a mini-sequence of high-to-low plank into upward facing dog and back to downward facing dog). Vinyasa sessions vary in pace, from power flow to slow flow, with styles that match different levels of yogis and their individual wants and needs.

Is It Suitable For Beginners?

My classes are suitable for all levels — particularly beginners. Even if you have been practising all your life, I like you to pretend you are brand new to yoga and encourage you to really feel your body in each pose. We will break down simple poses, so that you get to feel the difference between a correctly engaged and incorrectly engaged posture — and this is important. Yoga is wonderful, however like any sport it can have detrimental effects if practised with bad form. All too often we think yoga is about being flexible, and this is a big no. Hyper-mobility is the biggest cause of back-pain in yoga, and does not create strength. So we will go back to basics over and over again to let go of old habits and keep our practice moving forward.

Why Do It?

Other than for the amazing lycra onesies you mean? The benefits of yoga are too long to list here, it is a tried and tested practice that goes back thousands of years. In fact some yogis believe that each posture holds tremendous health benefits for all sorts of ailments. For me yoga is a way to stay active and move my body in a world that wants me to spend my waking day sat hunched over a computer. It opens me up, unclutters my mind, and allows me to build strength in a way no other sport can. It's a beautiful experience and one I am very grateful to practise and teach.

Will I Stand On My Head?

Well yes! If that is what you want to do. But if you don't, then no. Yoga is a personal practice and you can take it at your own pace, always listening to your body and doing what is right for you. Above all, yoga should be fun and not about taking yourself too seriously. I will help you get into a headstand if that's what you want, but I will also ensure you do it properly and get there step by step by having fun in other positions along the way.

Ready To Give It A Try?

I am based in Bearsted, Kent and am available for group or private sessions in the comfort of your own home. During the summer months, I will also offer classes in my garden. I have a full time business so I teach in in my spare time being : Wednesdays & Fridays 6pm — 9pm Weekends (anytime) I charge £45 per group session with up to 5 per group, for 60 minutes. I charge £30 per individual session for 60 minutes and £40 for 90 minutes. My classes are a mixture of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and we will end with 5 minutes savasana (sleeping). In all my sessions I like to spend some time breaking down postures to focus on alignment. All you have to do is contact me via phone or email to arrange your next class. I look forward to teaching you.

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